New contest?

Invite code: AE75261

Ok so I haven’t done a contest in awhile because I haven’t gotten a whole lot of people to use my code. But I will try to do one if I can get enough money built up. What would you like to see given away???


Invite code: AE75261

Hey guys I figure I just need to restate this minor detail about Junowallet/ bamboo wallet. In order for me to get money from you using my code, you must go to the rewards per download page, and download apps! This is a must! Otherwise I can’t run these contests.. Here’s what I mean..


New contest coming soon!

Invite code: AE75261

Hey guys just wanna let you know, I will be giving away another xbox live membership code for my next contest!! I had so many views/visitors on my site last time that I figured I’d do it again! It was a hit, so hopefully this next one will be successful too! I’m currently at $10 and no one has used my code for awhile, so in order for me to run these contests you need enter my code: AE75261


Xbox live contest winner

Invite code: AE75261

Hey guys I got an email from the winner of the xbox live membership contest!

Congratulations to TTG BUCKEYE on winning!!! Heres a picture he took on his phone and emailed me


It says, “thank you junowalletgc!”

Congrats on the win.. Lots of people were on the site yesterday too..


Thanks and good luck in upcoming contests

Junowallet is easy money baby!

Invite code: AE75261

Ok so for those of you who think Junowallet is a pain and doesn’t work, your wrong. It relays isn’t that hard. I was gone all day today, but when I woke up bright and early this morning, I found these 2 people at the top of my history of invites. One guy just started today and the other was last night.. In less then a day, both have gotten to almost $10 just from installing apps! Check it out for yourself..






Good luck to all

Xbox live membership contest

Here it is!!!! First xbox live membership contest!! Good luck to all!!!



Contest details

Invite code: AE75261

Hey guys sorry for the late notice, I was swamped with homework last night.

But anyways, I will post the code at 5pm CST (Central Standard Time). As always, please find out what time this is for you❗

Thanks and good luck❗


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